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Dental Marketing Has Changed

Marketing in the dental world has changed rapidly over the last ten years, from an era when traditional marketing and the phone book still drove business, to where customers start their search for a new dentist online almost 90% of the time.

For some practice owners, that's led to dominance, a top position on Google, and a constant flow of new business. For others, it's been confusing, and difficult to adapt, while keeping focus on the challenges of running a practice. Learning marketing on top can seem like too much.

Dental PR is committed to educating practice owners and managers in how to grow their practices effectively. We've conducted a combination of automated and manual research on 24,385 dental listings online and found all the winning best practices, tips and techniques they are using.

We Make It Easy To Take Action

Instead of compiling this as a long, and difficult-to-digest white paper full of hundreds of pages of data, our experienced marketers have broken it down into the fourteen best, winning tips that will help you start growing your practice every day. You can get those straight to your inbox, for free, starting today.

Steve Brownlie

Director of Consulting Services

For nine years I've been providing other marketing agencies with support on their tough, medical marketing campaigns. Often when they've been struggling to get results for their clients, we've been able to turn things around for them and achieve positive outcomes. I founded Dental PR, with Brett, to deliver those same, exceptional results, directly to business owners - through both free education, and a range of cost-effective services.

Brett Calloway

Head of Dental Marketing strategy

As a serial entrepreneur, with several successful ventures behind me in real estate, I turned my attention to helping businesses in the Las Vegas area with some one-on-one consulting. After sitting down with several dentists for sessions, I became passionate about the opportunities in the industry, as so many of your competitors around the US are simply not doing a great job of converting interested visitors into patients. If you're not excited about sales funnels and how they can change your business forever, you will be after you take a look at our free courses.

How We Can Help You Grow


A range of free webinars and educational courses, including fourteen powerful ways you can start growing your practice tomorrow.


Sales funnels that not only turn your visitors into patients, but help you attract potential new patients before they've even started looking.


Helping your practice achieve the best reputation possible, obtaining real positive reviews from patients, and powerful press coverage.

web solutions

Even if your current website needs fully replacing to achieve the best results, you can rent one of our off-the-shelf solutions, ready for you in days, saving thousands in up-front development costs. You can even rent funnels, giving you a complete marketing solution almost instantly.

Educating Patients

We share your passion for helping patients get the best outcomes. We can help you transition from waiting for patients to find you, visit your site or call, to actively showing potential patients what you can do, educating them, and driving them right to your door. They'll love your brand before they even pick up the phone.

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